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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was one of the founder of the company Apple, which was to change communication capabilities of the people and their ideas about technologies.

When Steve was 21 years, he with his friend started business – they sold personal computer Apple. He became a millionaire when he was 25.

He didn’t shy to steal ideas and to entice the the best specialists from other companies.

When he lured successful marketer away from Pepsi-Cola, Steve asking  "Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?” Steve was very ambitious.

He was passionate and emotional, demanding and intolerant. Employees of the company was not easy to work with him. And once Steve was banished from his own company.

Then Steve founded a new computer company –  NeXT. Tim Berners-Lee created World Wide Web and the world's first web browser on the NeXT Computer. Jobs called that time "one of the most creative periods” of his life.

Ten years later Steve came back in Apple. He again made ​​it a priority product design. In this question Steve was perfectionist. For example, employees of the company worked 9 months on the design of the first iPhone. But Jobs didn’t like it: "Guys, you’ve killed yourselves over this design, but we’re going to change it. We’re all going to have to work nights and weekends, and if you want we can hand out some guns so you can kill us now.”

Steve was very 

energetic, active and even aggressive person. Although he was a buddhist and went to India for spiritual enlightenment. His salary in Apple was 1 dollar, but he was against selling a software without computer: "It was the dumbest thing in the world to let companies making crappier hardware use our operating system and cut into our sales.” This extraordinary person has brought beauty to the world of technology.

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Hi! I love him too:)

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