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Noize MC
Do you like listening to music? Of course, we all enjoy our favourite tunes which are a big part of our lives. Can you imagine for just one day that there is no music around you. What will you hear? Different sounds: traffic, street noise, people speaking, etc. Frankly, it doesn’t make you happy. So  music is important for any age.  I’m a teenager and can say that we love all sorts of music.  We fancy listening to pop, rock, dubstep, classics and some teens like rap. Me too. And I don’t agree with the opinion that this style is for bad boys only. BTW, I’m an A-student.
I think, Noize is one of the best rappers in Russia today.  He beat such "great" singers as Guf and Basta. Of course, most youngsters still  love them, but Noize MC made a revolution in rap. He started to combine different music genres and his lyrics is full of sense.

Note, Noize MC is a simple guy from a small town, Yarscevo in Smolensk region.  His real  name is Ivan Alexeev. When he was 8 years old he began writing his first poems. He wanted to study playing the guitar, so he went to music school. At the age of 16 he left for  the Moscow. He entered the Russian State University, Humanities.

His songs aren’t like other music so it can’t be attributed to any particular style. This is something special and new. His work combines hip-hop, punk, reggae and breakbeat. He can express his attitude to a lot of things through music. 

If you heard Ivan’s songs, you know that he uses a lot of bad words in his songs. And you might ask me, why he does that. I guess, it’s his way of self - expression.He’s interested in many things such as  love and  friendship, politics and ecology. He creates music for all ages, and not only for "the local bad boys”. For example, my father, a successful businessman, also listens to Noize MC.  And if your parents don’t allow you to listen to rap but you want, show this article to them. I’m sure, they’ll change their point of view.
Noize MC’s music helps me to find answers to many questions and problems I face. When                                      I feel blue, I turn on his songs...When I’m happy, I do  the same. It seems to me that we’re close friends even though he’s miles away.
Category: ISSUE #7 | Added by: gretagolden73 (07-Dec-2012) | Author: Ksenia Chugunova
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