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Nikolay Drozdov
I want to tell you, my friend, about Nikolay Drozdov. You can ask me: "Why him? He did not do anything great: did not invent either a rocket, or a computer, did not write a book, which could change our perception of the world”.  My answer is – because he is the kindest person in the world who I have ever seen. I believe that kindness is the most important human quality and the person who shows kindness for long time is really great for me.

Mr. Drozdov is from a very old, famous and intelligent family. He has famous scientists, doctors, military people and metropolitans in his great-grandparents. With these kinds of roots it’s not surprising that he gave his life to science.

I think, if I say Nikolay Drozdov, the fist that comes to your mind is the TV program "In the animal world”. For 40 years he told us about wonderful and interesting animal world. He always spoke with love and warmth, presented interesting facts about animals’ life. All these made it possible to escape from urban life.

Nikolay Drozdov was a member of world voyages twice. He visited all the continents.When Nikolay was 65 years, he was in the North Pole and dived into the ice-hole, and at the age of 68 he took part in the TV reality show "Last hero”. Drozdov lived on a desert island.

Nikolay Drozdov enjoys riding, skiing, diving into ice-holes, doing yoga. He hasn’t eaten meat for many years. Drozdov likes classic music, love songs and bard music. He knows how to play the guitar and has a disc with recordings of his songs.

Nikolay Drozdov has pets. But they aren’t ordinary pets. He has snakes, tarantulas, scorpions. Nikolay was once asked: "Why do you have these strange pets?” His answer gives the idea about his personality. Drozdov answered: "Because nobody likes them.”  Nikolay Drozdov is sure that "kindness will save the world."

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