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Jared Leto
I have admired a man for a long time. His name is Jared Leto. He sings in group 30 Seconds To Mars (30STM). He is also an actor.

Unfortunately, Jared`s father went away from the family when he was a young man. Jared`s mother always supported Jared and Shannon, his brother.

When he was 12 he went to work for the first time. He often travelled with his family. They slept in buses. When he missed his home, he always drew pictures, but they were unusual ones. His pictures can be understood only by creative people or people who have good imagination. Jared studied only 10 classes in Virginia. Then he went to school of Visual Arts in New York where he studied to be a director. Jared played in his own film "Crying Joy". He moved to LA when he was twenty-one and played in the film "My SO-Called life". I haven’t watched this film. Jared always chooses unusual roles. After the "Chapter 27" he decided to become a vegetarian.

In 2009 Jared played in his last film "Requiem for a dream" and he decided to work more on music. I was amazed by the film "Requiem for a Dream". Jared played a drug addicted guy. For this role he talked to people and lived on the street. But in 2013 there will be a film where he will play a man with AIDS. Its name is "The Dalls Buyer`s Club". I think that this film won’t be shown in my city, but I hope I’ll watch it anyway.

He played in twenty three films. He always plays crazy characters that’s why I like watching films with him.

In 1998 Jared with his brother set up the group 30 Seconds To Mars. At first they played the opening parts for other groups, but then they went on a private tour. In 2007 30 STM released a very expensive music video in all group`s history "From Yesterday". They filmed it in an old Chinese city where no one has been living for many years.This music video is beautiful. People often can`t understand his videos. My favourite video is filmed in Greenland. Jared said that it was very cold there but funny. Every day I listen to their songs. I can choose the song according to my mood. He calls himself Echelon for fun. He invented his own sign - triad. I’ve bought it on the Internet and soon I will wear it. I`m so happy about that.

Also Jared has taken part in a lot of commercials. My favourite one is " Hugo Boss". Jared is a very positive and crazy man! When I watch videos with him, I always laugh. If I watch his concerts, I usually admire him. He always jumps and runs while singing. And every show he jumps into the crowd. Jared likes changing the colour of his hair a lot. It was blue, pink, black and many others. My favourite hairstyle is pink Mohawk. Jared has his own style in clothes. He has been in the list of celebrities who are badly dressed a lot of times. Nevertheless I like his style.

Unfortunately,  or maybe fortunately:), he is alone  He has had a lot of love affairs with girls. I really want to see his children. He is forty and he needs to think about children. In spite of his age he is very handsome and he has a great body.

When I see Jared on TV, I want to scream. I  really want go to the concert of 30 Seconds To Mars. It`s my dream and purpose of my life.

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