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Edison Miranda
He is aColombian professional boxer, acting in the 2nd middleweight. His fate is like a fairy tale of Cinderella. He was born on the 7th of January, 1981 in the city of Buenaventura in a poor family. When he was two months, his mother left the family. At the age of nine, could not stand the beatings and humiliation of his relatives and ran away from home. Only his dream that one day he would become a boxer helped him to survive on the street, among the homeless and trash cans. The way to achieve his dream was not easy: to collect money for training Miranda donated his blood and participated in street battles.
His debut match at Colombian amateur ring held in 1997. Four years later, he began his professional career.

One of the fights of Miranda:
In June 2008, there was the 2nd fight between Edison Miranda and Arthur Abraham. At stake there were not any titles that's why the battle took place in the 2nd middleweight. At the end of the 2nd round, Miranda had left uppercut to the groin. The referee stopped the fight and gave the German a break. In the middle of the 4th round of Abraham held a counter left cross and the Colombian was knocked down. Abraham rushed to finish. He used a left hook and Miranda fell to canvas. The Colombian was 6 in his favour. Abraham immediately used a left hook, and Miranda fell to the canvas again. The referee stopped the fight without the score. The Colombian was on the floor for a minute.
P.S.I have always thought that simple people should be honored more than famous scientists. After all, Miranda created himself and his career. Some people are initially born in a wealthy family and musn't do anything to realize their dreams, if they have ones. In many cases average people try to do everything to achieve their dreams, even if they do it for the whole life. Miranda take a part in the history, and many boys, who dream of becoming champions, can follow his example.
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