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So, I would like to tell you about an amazing music group; they sound very pleasant for each person, who likes hard-rock and metal. This group's name is Disturbed! Now, I’ll tell you something about it and about David Draiman - the soloist.

Before the group members found David they were called  "Brawl". I don't know a lot about it, but one day the first soloist left the group. Afterwards the guys began searching for a new partner and they found David. After that the group was renamed "Disturbed", and its popularity rose more and more; one song even got the title "the best rock-song in the genre of Alternative metal" in the USA. This song is "Inside the fire". But that's not all; The talisman of the group is one person, he isn't a usual man, he loves liberty and equality, stuff like that. He's name is "Guy", and exactly in him the members of the group express all their feelings. And (it's my favorite) the group's symbol is a mix of all main religious symbols - Saint Cross, Stars (five-pointed, six-pointed), pentagram and crescent.

And now let's speak about David Draiman. He is a Jew from Poland; his family went through the Holocaust. This affected his songs.
His parents wanted to enroll him into a religious university, but he couldn't do that because he had other interests. That's why he has legal and business education. But his main and lovely interest is music. And his love for rock made him famous and darling among connoisseurs of rock.

Now let's think about the attitude to the group. People, who like new and alternative metal and who enjoy philosophizing certainly love and respect songs of Disturbed. Also most sportsmen who don't mind rock listen to songs like "Indestructible", "Down With The Sickness" and "Shout 2000" (Tears For Fears cover), because songs of this kind are very rhythmic. And also philosophers like listening to  this music because  in songs like "Never Again", "Another Way To Die" and "Prayer" big sense is hidden. I can't but mention people who have any belief!

I think, that only fascists and rock haters can't love Disturbed. And I am happy, that most people have another opinion about this beautiful and great group! I'm crazy about Disturbed! One of my big dreams is to meet them. I'm not afraid to say that I will cry if it happens!
My personal favorite songs are "The Animal" and "Prayer". I can explain this: I love werewolves, it's my lovely and only creatures "from dark". But at least I enjoy philosophizing, that's why I can write my compositions, even this one! I hope, that you are interested in this unusual group, and that you have enjoyed this article.
Category: ISSUE #7 | Added by: gretagolden73 (07-Dec-2012) | Author: Denis Kashlanov
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