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Che Guevara
Che Guevara                                              
Born in Rosario, Argentina. Guevara is a national hero in Cuba. Statues sculptured in his honor are situated in almost every town in Cuba. He played an important part in the Cuban Revolution and aided Fidel Castro to overthrow the old government.

Guevara’s legendary story starts when he was studying medicine at university. While studying he decided to take one year academic leave so that he could travel through South America. In his travels he was so impacted by the poverty and living conditions of the citizens. After his successful completion of his studies he became politically active. After the revolution Guevara worked as a politician and helped change the economical state of Cuba for the better.

Later he decided to help other countries to try and change their living standards by revolting against current governments. He decided to go to Bolivia to fight for the right of the Bolivian citizens. He was not successful because he was caught by the Bolivian Army, taken captive, and then later executed.

To this very day the actions and words of Guevara are remembered in Cuba and many other parts of the world. People have made songs and poems dedicated to him, films, books and documentaries have been made so that many others can know about Guevara and his life. T-shirts, caps and almost every other commercial item available can be found with Guevara’s picture on it.
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