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Big deeds. Big names. Big changes
There are a lot of big names connected with big deeds. Names and deeds can be positive or negative. But always every impressive event makes people think about their life and place in the world.

History consists of world famous people’s names, their big deeds and events. But everyone takes all it in their own way. Our ideas and activity can change ourselves, people around us and the whole world. Deeds changed lives of many people bring fame.

I know a lot of world famous people: in literature Pushkin, Shakespeare, in science Mendeleev, Einstein, in music Chopin, Tchaikovsky, in art Vasnecov,Picasso, as for negative – Hitler, Breivik. Their ideas made many changes. Maybe such thoughts aren’t right but all are used by people all over the world. I can say these people’s names are big, their deeds are great and changes happened because of their work are important.

And I wanted to draw attention that we can’t say about anyone "he is good" or "he is bad". Everyone has positive qualities, positive deeds with positive changes and negative sides, negative deeds.

Every deed is big, every name is big and every change is big but not every is for all people and is known all over the world.
Category: ISSUE #7 | Added by: Chuda (05-Dec-2012) | Author: Marina Gorshkova
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