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Big deeds. Big names. Big changes.
   I want to tell you about the heroes of the Paralympic Games.The symbols of the Paralympic Games are red, blue and green hemispheres. They symbolize intellect, body and unbroken spirit.
   Paralympian is a person who defies the destiny. The Paralympic Games have been taken place on the same stadiums as the Olympic Games since 1988. Many of us could see these heroic athletes on the Paralympic Games in London this summer. But not everybody knows the history of their lives.

   One of them is Alexey Kuznetsov. When he was 5 years old he fell out of the balcony and broke his backbone. He could move only using the wheelchair. When he was studying at university he went in for sport. He started to win all local and country competitions in throwing kernel, javelin and disk . As a result he joined the national team.
Alexey became the world's champion in 2009 and silver prize-winner in the Olympic Games, 2012. Nowadays he continues training and also he is preparing to get the second higher education. He is a real «big» person.
Do you know that the average number of disabled people is near 10% of the population? These games give an opportunity to watch these courageous people. Also it is the way to pay attention to the problems of the disabled people: such as the absence of elementary living conditions and chances for the professional development. The success of disabled people can help us to reduce  the number of abandonments of infants, who have some problems with their health. Thanks to the Paralympic Games we hope that there will be more nuclear and happy families in the world.
   These examples of bravery help people not to despair and believe in the better future.

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