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Archiwoman - Zaha Hadid

Born in Iraq for more than 60 years ago, now Zaha Hadid is at the highest peak of her career. She has overcome not one stereotype: Zaha is one of few women in male profession and, moreover, she’s from Muslim country.

    The word "architect" doesn’t have feminine gender. This occupation is only for men. The male chauvinism in this profession is obvious as nowhere else. There are few women who managed to take key positions in architecture. And all of them are unique. Architecture requires labour of love and takes the rest of your life. Easy success and occasional victories never happen here. A great architect is always a great personality, which is achieved by titanic work. The «arch» women have paved the way to fame without any allowance for weak sex, in a tough competition with men. One of such architects is Zaha Hadid.

She is one of the most in-demand architects in the world. Her brand is known all over the world. She has created a whole style of life under her own name «Zaha Hadid».

She is a representative of trends in architecture under the name of deconstructivism. Her architecture is recognized immediately - it transforms space, replaces the facades to the multilayer shells as if she continues the surface of Earth. Each new object becomes a great event.

As a little girl she grew up in a Muslim country. However, she was so lucky that her father was one of the founders of the People's Democratic Party of Iraq and the big manufacturer of Pro-Western orientation. Zaha Hadid has never worn a veil. She decided to become an architect in early childhood. Her brother told her: «Being an architect means to participate in the construction of the world». When Zaha was fifteen, she left Baghdad and her parents to study in Europe. For a very long time, she was a "paper architect". It means that all her projects remained only on paper. Success came to her only after 40 years. It was the first real project. Zaha Hadid learns first-hand about sex discrimination in the profession. "To achieve recognition, I have always done everything ten times better”, she says.

In 2004, Zaha Hadid became the first woman in history who got Pritzker Architecture Prize. It is a reward in the field of architecture, the analogue of the Nobel Prize. This year in June Zaha Hadid received the title of  «Woman-Сommander» of the order of British Empire, which corresponds to the knight's rank and allows to use prefix «Lady».

Her life belongs to her profession for 100%. To the question about her sacrifice for the profession, Zaha answers unexpectedly: «No! I have no family, but I’ve had to sacrifice something, I’ve just had no time to think about my personal life». And then adds: «My projects are my children, aren’t they?»  

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