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Alexander II
I would like to tell you about Alexander II. He was the Russian Emperor in the 18th century. He was not only the Russian emperor, but also a very smart man. His reforms helped Russian people have new standards of their lives. Alexander II was born in the royal family and he was popular when he took his title. His second name was "The Liberator". 

He was married  twice. His first wife was princess Maria Darmshtadskaya, the second wife was princess Ekaterina Dolgorucova. He had 12 children. His hobbies were studying and horse riding .

I admire this man, because his reforms and ideas were liberal. He thought about people. His reform of the abolition of serfdom (Emancipation edict) gave freedom to many people . His other reforms changed Russian law and gave new life to Russia. He didn’t carry out other reforms, because many people thought that they were bad, but actually he made a lot for Russia.

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