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Lemon or Lemonade?

We all sometimes get into situations where we need help or good advice. I often find this in wise words. These words help me to make serious decisions or to choose the direction to move on. It’s interesting but the necessary saying appears  from a TV programme or a newspaper or somewhere else and sticks in my head at the period of time I need it most of all.  

People say I’m an optimist. I am. It makes my life easier and more pleasant. And not only mine. Happy thoughts make the whole day brighter (even for people around me).Looking back at my life I must admit that there were moments very hard to live through: terrible losses, failures, mistakes. I felt depressed, lonely and desperate. I didn’t see the way out. It was then when I came across the words "There is always a way out in every situation except death”.

It’s not worth living the worst moments of your life again and again. Everything goes by, as one of the ancient wizards once said. I try to follow Carnegie’s motto "If your life is a lemon, try to make lemonade from it”.

Some people say that those who have no their own ideas like sayings and quotations. But I do like them because they express in exact and "juicy " words what I was having unexpressed in my head and heart. By the way, not every phrase is catchy.

And finally one of my recent "discoveries”. We were watching a "Kung Fu Panda” cartoon at one of the lessons. I hadn’t seen it before. And suddenly I heard these wonderful words; "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called PRESENT”. So enjoy every moment, every minute of your life. There are so many things to be surprised at.

                          by Natalia Timokhina

         school 6


Category: It's an amazing world | Added by: Guzeliya (23-May-2012) | Author: Natalia Timokhina
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