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ROSNANO Project Air filters

The main global issue of the modern world is air pollution. Cars, plants, chemical laboratories spoil the air a lot. Scientists have invented many kinds of air and water filters which are either expensive or useless.

But it is possible to make much better filters using modern technologies.

Many air-refining systems are based on sorbents. Sorbent is the matter which absorbs  particles of gas or other substances. The most known sorbent, the coal, is used in respirators in order to refine air inhaling. However, it cannot protect us from some high molecular compounds, such as aldehydes. Formaldehyde, for example, causes death.

The latest science inventions gave us an opportunity to make nano-structured membranes made of carbon. The word "nano-structured” means that every membrane has billions of nano-holes. The diameter of each hole is about 1 nm (one nanometer equals 10 in power of -9 meter). The only compounds, which are able to go through the membrane are molecules of oxygen and nitrogen,  while molecules of other substances will stick there because they are larger than 1 nm.

These filters are  quitе cheap and very effective. Also, they will not become obstructed for a long time. The membrane can be used as a cartridge for gas masks (for lab workers) and ventilation systems (in chemical factories and plants). The approximate price of one square meter of membrane is about 800$. 

This project idea belongs to me and a few other high-school students.  We developed it  at RUSNANO Summer School in June, 2011. The aim of Summer School was to involve young people in  nanotechnological industry.

Category: Ecology | Added by: Chuda (15-Nov-2011) | Author: Grigory Makoganyuk
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