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Organic food

Food we buy may have lots of synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers, may contain genetically modified organisms. It can be dangerous and  cause serious illnesses. So we need to be more careful  about choosing products. One of the modern tendencies is opting for organic food.

When I was looking for the material about the organic products, I suddenly saw a programme on TV about organic cheese made in Switzerland. I was really impressed. Cows should eat only pure grass without chemical fertilizers.

These animals are isolated from other cows and the farm they live in is absolutely clean and germ-free. The process of making cheese starts with laboratory tests, only natural additives can be used. When the cheese is ready it gets not only a particular name but also a number. Every village produces its own type of this dairy product. It is really popular.

The European Union, Canada, the United States, Japan and many other countries have national standards set by their governments and special organizations responsible for human health. Companies and farms need to buy a special certificate to get the right to produce organic food and they should follow all the rules written in theregulations.

Moreover, an organic method of farming is energy efficient. It requires less energy than the usual manufacturing.

The fact that it has a low pesticide level gives us chance to live longer and happier  lives without diseases.I know that  we also start trying to produce natural organic products in our country. But it’s really expensive for farmers. Anyway only we can take care of our health. So think what you eat)))

Category: Ecology | Added by: Guzeliya (16-Nov-2011) | Author: Vasilina Mernaya
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Thought fine, but not all so is simple. The organic food as a rule, costs more expensively and not all can buy it. In scales of our country there are problems with it storage and transportation because the food should be fresh. However, always it is possible to have the garden and to eat healthy in the summer.

What's that chees from Switzerland like, I wonder? I' m eager to taste it just to feel the difference. If any...

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