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Global warming
The modern world is getting more and more dangerous for the humankind. The irony is that most of the present threats are made by ourselves. Every day we breathe the polluted air and drink chemical water, we suffer from radiation and produce poisonous mechanisms, we eat unnatural food and cure diseases with even more harmful medicine. Terrorism and wars continue devastating our planet. This happens every minute and we think about solving these problems.

However, the humanity does not pay much attention to hidden but no less dangerous enemy that changes our environment every second. Its name is global warming.  I believe that everyone has heard about it, but no one cares much about it. Global warming may be even more threatening than our everyday fears.

What is global warming? It is the process of rising of an average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and the oceans and its projected continuation. Sounds not very scary, does it? But it may cause tremendous changes in our life and put the fauna and flora of our planet to the edge of extinction.

Global warming may cause unpredictable climate shifting in all areas on Earth. Scientists claim that due to the steam effect the rains in Europe will last for months. In southern regions of Eurasia global warming will provoke the spread of deserts and catastrophic tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes. The polar ices will melt fast which will end in large floods. But the most dreadful consequence of global warming is global cooling which will come afterwards. The new Ice Age may last for centuries.

What causes global warming and how can we change the situation? Most scientists consider that the reason for this phenomenon is the technical development of the humankind. Human activity since the Industrial Revolution in XVIII century has increased the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. And these gases are the main reason for global warming.

That is why many countries are aiming at the use of cleaner, less polluting, technologies. Hydro and electric cars, new energy sources instead of burning oil and gas may seriously reduce the amount of CO2 gas into the atmosphere.

Thus, global warming can be stopped. It only takes efforts and good will of every person in the world starting from presidents to farmers to give the whole humanity a chance.   

Category: Ecology | Added by: Chuda (19-Nov-2011) | Author: Tatiana Nechaeva
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it is interestig:the connection between global warming and global cooling. And the film "The Day After Tomorrow" exactly shows this connection.

We breathe CO2, because it has oil, and it makes a profit. This is a business.

Have you seen " The Day After Tomorrow?" That's about global cooling, in future. Do you remember tsunami in Thailand in 2004 and in Japan in 2011? That's about global warming. Now. Frightened?

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