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Well-known and unknown about Mexico
   So what do people normally know about Mexico?
 ...That its food is amazing. No wonder, they introduced corn, chilies and….hot chocolate to the world (yummy!). Hot chocolate was the sacred drink of the Aztecs. 

   Another common point -Aztecs (or Mexicans) were conquered by the Spanish. Surprisingly these two facts are somehow related: When Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortés arrived, the Aztecs believed he was their returning god (Quetzalcoatl) and offered him the drink of the gods: hot chocolate….sad and funny at the same time.

   But this is history, what about nowadays?

   Everybody knows that the capital of Mexico is Mexico City. Perhaps many know that it is one of the largest cities in the world and was built on the site of ancient Aztec city of Tenochtitlan. But do you know that Mexico City sinks almost 10 inches a year because it is situated on the lake and pumps drain water from it for the city.

   When I think of Mexico the first thing that comes to my mind is that it’s poor. Though statistics says that only under 4% of people are unemployed in Mexico, one should keep in mind that over 20% of people are underemployed (in very low paid jobs).Violent crimes are a serious problem in Mexico due to drug-trafficking and gang violence, but in 2009 Mexico legalized the possession of small amounts of narcotics, including some pretty dangerous ones. The idea was to send addicts to a rehab rather than jail and to free up authorities to go after bigger fish.   The second thing I think about – it’s one of the greatest tourist attractions (I’m all for it, have been there many times, it’s really really cool and for little money (for Americans, not for us unfortunately)) Wonderful beaches and great diversity of flora and fauna make Mexico a perfect place for snorkeling and all types of diving. Add there famous Mexican cuisine and amazing historical sites and here we go – best vacation destination (unless you don’t have to cross the Atlantic like us…) Can’t help mentioning some mysterious facts about main archeological heritage of Mexico – Chichen Itza, famous Mayan pyramids (officially recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the World): 


    If you stand in a certain place by the main pyramid in Chichen Itzá, you will hear a bird-like sound. Some experts think that this represents the Call of the sacred bird and gained by building several air passages that recreate the sound when a breeze passes by.   

   During the two equinoxes of the year, when the sun rises and sets, the pyramid "El Castillo” in Chichén Itzá shows the perfect shadow of a serpent moving along its side. To achieve this, Mayans must have used calculations with an incredible precision of many decimal digits!

     And some Mexican "specialties”:

   Although Christmas in Mexico is celebrated on 25 December, children do not receive presents on that day. They receive gifts on January 6 (Epiphany), the day on which Mexicans celebrate the arrival of the Three Wise Men.

  If you get invited for a meal to a Mexican home, make sure you do NOT arrive on time. Give them at least half an hour grace, before you go, else it's considered improper.  

   At a party, only if there are a large number of people, you should introduce yourself. If it's a small gathering, then the host deals with introducing the guests.

   I bet there was something new for you, wasn’t there? Every country is unique in its own way! You live and learn...

                                                 written by Uliya Yanushevskaya
Category: ISSUE #3 | Added by: Guzeliya (13-May-2011) | Author: Uliya Yanushevskaya
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4 eleazar  
our slums are more beautiful hehehehe the picture is from dharavi the most famous slum in mumbai why you dont show SANTA FE THE INTERNATIONAL BUSSINES DISTRICT IN MEXICO CITY!!!! OR INTERLOMAS THE RICHEST ZONE WITH A LOT OF CONDOS OVER 3,000,000 PESOS AND A HOME INCOME OVER 6,000,000 THE MORE EXPENSIVE HOME AAROUND 10,000,000 mexican peso

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3 Manuel  

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2 Valeria  
I'd like to visit this country, for sure!!!=)

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1 Alexandra  
That's very interesting, I think!!!

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