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5 differencies between Ghana and Thailand

My name is Kwame Amponsah.  You can call me Kwame.  I come from Ghana. It is a small country in West Africa. In the east, it is bordered by Togo. In the West, it is bordered by Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire). In the north, it is bordered by Burkina Faso, and in the south, it is washed by the warm currents of the Gulf of Guinea, which joins into the Pacific Ocean.

 Today, I would like to tell you about the 5 main differences between my country Ghana and Thailand, where I live right now.

a dish of fufu

The number one difference is the food. Thailand is an Asian country and as you all know, rice is the main food in Asia and for that matter rice is the main food of Thailand. Most Thais always eat rice three times a day, but Ghanaians never eat rice three times a day. Ghanaians like to eat different types of foodlike fufu (in the photo), banku, kenkey, gari, plantain, yam, cocoyam, corn, to name but a few.

Another difference is that Thailand has only one king and queen, but in Ghana, there are a lot of kings and queens. Whereas there is only king and queen in Thailand, there are kings and queens in every city, town and village in Ghana.

This is just one of the kings and queens in Ghana.

Furthermore, Thailand has a lot of islands, but Ghana has no island. Thais like to go to the beach with their families and friends.  Ghanaians like to stay home and watch TV, video and play games with their families and friends.  Thais always welcome tourists to their islands; Ghanaians never welcome tourists to any island, because we have no island.  

Again, in my country, since it is a Christian country, we celebrate Christmas in a very colorful way. On Christmas Eve, people in Ghana go to church and sing Christmas carols, and on Christmas day, which is December 25th, people go to church and sing Christmas songs and listen to stories about Jesus Christ. However, in Thailand, there is no Christmas celebration. Most people in Thailand never celebrate the Christmas festivities.

 While people in Ghana celebrate New Year on January 1st, people in Thailand celebrate their New Year from April 13 to 15. This is a very special festival in Thailand, which is called Songkran. Now it is known as the water festival, because during this time, people splash water on each other, and everyone who comes out to the streets gets wet like a fish in a pond. Now it has become a very important tourist attraction. Lots of people from all over the world come to Thailand for this festival every year. This year, I enjoyed it very much; splashing water on people in Chiangmai, the second largest city in Thailand.

Foreigners and Thais with their water guns join in the Songkran (water) festival in Chiangmai city.

Finally, there are more Christians in Ghana than in Thailand. Most Ghanaians always go to church on Sundays, while most Thais never go to Church. Thais like to go to the temple, because most of them are Buddhists. Ghanaians never go to the temple because there are not temples. There are only churches. There are a lot of beautiful Buddhist temples in Thailand though, just as there are a lot of beautiful churches in Ghana. 

                      written by Kwame Amponsah

Category: ISSUE #3 | Added by: Guzeliya (14-May-2011) | Author: Kwame Amponsah
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Total comments: 3
I didn't know there were a lot of kings & queens in Ghana...
It would be interesting to know what ingredients there are in the food named in the article.

It's a very unusual way of looking at a different culture.

Hi, Kwame!

Thank you for the interesting article.
I like cooking. You name some dishes or products people eat in Ghana. Could you give an idea of what they are like. Maybe you could teach us how to cook some traditional dish?


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