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Cats. Who are they?
          Firstly, I don`t know any other animal, that lives in the house and thinks that it is right! Cats are very selfish.
       And what about dogs? But when I ask people about dogs they say about their security and safety of their houses. However, a lot of people have small dogs, but in my opinion, these dogs look like cats. You can tell me about mice in your house, but nowadays cats don`t catch mice. They are very shy and cowardly.  By the way, when was the last time you saw a mouse?
      Secondly, felines descend from wild cats and they can't forget their primitive habits: they leave their marks around the house and what's more, they are pickers and stealers. 
       I know the man who found his cat's marks all around the house, because the smell was unbearable. He bought a special ultraviolet device and switched off the light. Then he saw that those marks were everywhere!!!  Of course, cats can relieve themselves in the special box, but they don`t really care about it.
       There is a cat and there is meat in the house. The meat is always a challenge for the cat. There must be only the one.  So the cat steals meat. In most cases the cat can`t eat the whole piece at once, and the cats knows about it. It carries the whole piece onto the floor. After that you won`t eat this meat.
        Most cats have long hair, and they shed it regularly. During this period all armchairs, the floor and other things are covered with their hair. It`s very hard for a person who is allergic to it.
        I don`t want to tell you about their mewing. Many people believe that it is a good characteristic of cat, don't they? But in spring they cry and yell very loudly because of the mating season.
        These are almost all reasons why some people don`t want to have cats. If your desire to have a cat overweighs things mentioned above, you must have one  :)
   And now I want to ask you: Do you like cats? Why? Have you ever had any cats in your house? Did they give you a lot of trouble? If you answer No, explain to me why.
Best wishes,
Category: ISSUE #2 | Added by: Chuda (24-Feb-2011) | Author: Alexander Pleshakov
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Yeah, my cat gives me a lot of bother. But at the same time she's been with us for 8 years already. I feel highly responsible for her and she pays back. Now she's really fawning to me and I really like it:)

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